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15 Reasons To Dump Your TV

To many people, worldwide television is a way to escape the mundane daily routine of life or to relieve stress by getting lost in a program that has nothing at all to do with what’s real in the world. Although there’s nothing wrong with losing yourself in a little fantasy now and then, turning to books, or watching one feature length movie is much more beneficial for your psychology as a whole. The average American watches thirty-four or more hours of television per week, making it a huge priority in many people’s lives.

Unfortunately, all of this time spent with the television isn’t helping, but rather it is hurting you overall.

Discovering a Negative Mindset

Whether you’re watching something funny or something dramatic, every show on the air has some form of negativity nestled under those viewer friendly layers, and this can disrupt the way that you think about other areas of your life.

Changes to Your Beliefs

Watching the amount of racism, small mindedness and general bullying that goes on in the course of a television program can slowly change the way that you view these issues. Even if you’re not a mean spirited person, watching a show that makes obesity funny can change your view on obese people and turn it into a joke.

Becoming Desensitized

Similar to your beliefs changing slowly over things that you would normally feel differently about, watching so much injustice, gore, nudity, and negativity can cause you to react far less intensely to real life situations of the same nature.

Expecting the Impossible

Watching the princess always get her prince can skew the realism of relationships in the modern world. TV can also make you believe in unrealistic goals and leave you feeling defeated when you realize they are impossible to reach.

A Typical Time Waster

If you’re watching television then you’re not out doing other things that you could be getting done instead of sitting around watching a show. Even when you don’t have anything scheduled that you should be working on, utilizing your time reading, writing, seeing friends, spending time with family, or exercising rather than watching a show are all far better uses of your time.

Other Costs

As mentioned at Business Insider, not only are you spending on advertising products, shopping channel products, and the actual fees for cable or satellite, but you’re also paying for power, hardware, and instillation fees.

It Can Cause Fatigue

Watching too much television can actually make you feel drowsy and tired. This can be seen pretty easily by the number of Americans who fall asleep in front of their televisions sets on a regular basis.

Lack of Nutrition

Not only are you going to risk the possibilities of weight gain and poor cardiovascular health due to inactivity, but you’re also facing the possibility of vitamin and nutrient deficiencies by not getting out into the sunlight for your vitamin D.

Weight Gain

A huge reason many Americans need to put down the remote and step away from the television has to do with the rise in obesity. Sitting and watching television for hours makes it difficult to lose weight. It also urges people to eat in front of the television, which removes focus from food and makes it easier to overeat.

Eye Strain

Watching too much television, similar to staring at a computer screen for too long, isn’t good for your eyes, not so much in that it will diminish eyesight, but in that it can give you headaches and strain your eye muscles.

Social Losses

Even if you’re watching TV with a group of friends, you’re not fully engaging yourself in that social situation if your mind is half focused on whether or not your favorite hockey team will score a goal.

Feeling Badly About Yourself

All of this negativity and inability to fulfill the dreams that televisions perfect persona has left you with can make you feel truly inadequate and insecure about who you are and what your life is like.

Product Placement

Aside from the obvious mentions of products within movies and television programs, there are also commercials to consider which sells to you subliminally whether you realize it or not.

Depletion of Self Control

TV has deeply hidden psychological hooks that keep you coming back for more. This is why when you start a new season of a show it can become difficult to turn it off and move onto something else. Even though this program isn’t the real world and you’re missing out on what’s going on around you, it can be so easy and stress free to lose yourself in another world and just say yes to the next episode.

Couch Potato Syndrome

Not only is sitting around on your bum a hazard to your health through weight gain and inactivity, but it can also affect your muscles through lack of use, and it can make you feel weak and drowsy.

Other reasons that televisions should be avoided are less free time, lower rate of creativity, low rate of conversation, lack of adventure, false standards of beauty, no time for skills or hobbies, problems completing school work, no time for nature, lack of life skills, poor hygiene, repetition in programs, missed opportunities, ruined furniture through overuse, poor quality content, inability to find entertainment in no to low power situations, poor reaction time in emergencies, sleeping problems, lower immune system due to low nutrient intake, and less interpersonal skills.