Wedding Design Tips Inspired By Duck Dynasty

Redneck weddings just aren’t the same as any other. Here are a few of the many differences.

Rustic wedding arch
Every wedding needs a “wow” factor. The Robertson’s had a rustically elegant wedding arch made from natural materials, ideal for an outdoor/backyard wedding. Arch materials may include vines, florals and even antlers, just like the Robertson arch.

Re-purposed window frame
The Duck Dynasty women added several unique touches to the vow renewal of Phil and Miss Kay, including a re purposed window frame without the glass. With the addition of colorful flowers, this rustic art made for an eye-catching piece of décor.

Small blackboard
The Robertson clan offered well wishes to Phil and Miss Kay with a classic old-school blackboard placed amid flowers. Keep the message simple, but sincere.

Ribbon-wrapped chairs
Dress up plain, wooden folding chairs with swaths of fabric ribbon. To keep with the bridal color themes, bring a sample to the fabric store in order to make the match. The swaths for each chair should be at 8- to 12-inches wide and long enough to wrap around the back of the chair to form a band with soft folds or a scrunchy-look. A second strip is then needed to create a bow that attaches to the band.

Wedding Decorations
Wedding Decorations

Straw vs. flower petals
Strategically strewn straw not only provides a “carpeted” surface for your guests to walk upon, but adds to the overall rustic chic instead of the traditional walkway covered in flower petals. Create the wedding aisle with straw and then lay a runner atop it in the bride’s color.

Mismatched bottles/jars as vases
Use thrift store treasures or the ones that have been shoved to the back of the mom’s cabinet as vases to hold flowers. Place on the dining tables and cake table.

Antler centerpiece
Duck Dynasty’s backyard wedding décor included the use of several antlers—used as part of a centerpiece and even artistically placed within the beautiful wedding arch. While an antler and flower centerpiece may not fit all backyard wedding décor, the idea is to choose something that represents the personalities of the bridal couple.

Mason jar flower holders
Decorate each guest bench with hanging mason jars that hold flowers. Attach grapevine twine wire to create handles and add a raffia or fabric bow.

Crocheted table-toppers
Create a homey look by adding a simple crocheted or lace overlay to a colored tablecloth. Only add this décor feature to one or two tables to help create a planned yet casual “mismatched” style.

Blanket-covered hay bales
Create easy, extra seating for guests during the reception by covering several hay bales each with an all-weather blanket. Secure with twine and add a raffia bow for a festive look.

Here’s an idea for some fun music at your wedding!

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